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    DCMP continues to support families and educators with free Remote Learning resources.

    • Families and educators who have at least one student with a disability can register for free membership and access over 8,000 captioned and described educational videos.
    • Teachers can create Student Accounts, group students together in Classes, and assign videos to students and Classes. Learn more here.
    • Users can instantly choose “captioned” or “described” with the Language/Accessibility button found under the video player.

    Many accessible videos are available without a membership and can be viewed by anyone without registering. View non-member titles

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    Educational Media Featuring High-Quality Captioning and Description

    A mother and her young son and daughter relax on a couch in a modern living room. The mother holds a television remote control as her children look attentively across the room.

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    A Free Resource for Qualifying Teachers and Families

    A male teacher stands smiling among middle school students in a classroom. A captioned science video plays on a student’s laptop and on a large screen by a chalkboard. A male student points at a fish on his laptop screen while other students look on.




    We're here to educate students with sensory disabilities, along with their parents and teachers. Our major network-produced, educational content is carefully customized to serve the needs of K-12 students, as well as adult students studying to meet the needs of blind and deaf students.

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    DCMP provides a variety of resources to serve students with sensory disabilities, and we literally hold the standard for described and captioned media.


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    Remote Learning With DCMP Accessible Videos

    Captioning Key - About the Key


    I am blind and I have viewed this particular title with and without descriptive video and the difference is amazing. I did not realize all that I had missed the first time. These videos really increase understanding of the content for me and my students. Please keep them coming!
    Nancy H.
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